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 At Foundations Dance Company we believe that dance lessons are life lessons. We instill values of determination, commitment, teamwork, and leadership in our students which will benefit them in all aspects of their lives. We believe in building strong, technical foundations in both our recreational and competitive students to ensure their progression allows them to achieve their fullest potential. Our mission is to provide a space for students where they can feel accepted and appreciated at all times, while they grow and nurture their love of dance. Foundations Dance Company is a dance family. We value the friendships made between dancers and their families, and the special bonds created between students and their teachers, knowing that making memories together is just as important as developing their education and artistry. 

Message from the Directors


           We were lucky enough to meet each other through dance, and have continued to grow our friendship ever since. We both learned important life lessons from our experiences with dancing on a competitive team, which have impacted the teachers and people we are today. We grew up training together in an environment where quality was always valued over quantity...providing a high standard of instruction that not only contributes to success at competitions, but also shapes each dancer as an individual and encourages opportunities for self discovery. This is the type of education we believe in. Dance is an opportunity for expression, whether for an audience or for the dancer themselves. We, as the directors, feel lucky to be able to provide an environment for our dancers to feel safe in this exploration and we are so thankful to share this journey with each of them.

 -Amanda Bruton & Felicia Mastromatteo

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