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Competitive Company


The Recreational Company at FDC encompasses a blend of

creativity, technique, physical activity and education. 


          The program is designed for students (age 2+) who wish to explore various genres of dance in a safe, welcoming & fun environment. Dancers focus on developing strength and flexibility while learning foundational principles and techniques in a structured format. Our instructors are skilled in assisting students master the basics while coaching them to reach their full technical and creative potential. While some Recreational Company classes will have team support from student assistants, the classes will always be instructed by and under the direction of one of our professional faculty members. 


          Students are placed in classes according to age and prior experience. We also use the first 4 to 6 weeks of a child's enrolment in any class to ensure that they are in the best level for their ability and their success. 

          Students enrolled in the Recreational Company will have the opportunity to perform a dance for each class they are in at the year end recital.

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change based on registration. 

  Recreational Company Handbook 2022 - 2023:  


          If your child has a true passion for dance that you feel is out of the realm of a simple after-school activity, they are likely a candidate for the competitive team. The directors of FDC, along with their faculty are always looking for students who show promise for the competitive stream. We are always willing to take time to assess a student. 


          Students develop their dance technique in collaboration with their instructors and peers. We believe in building strong, technical foundations in our competitive students to ensure their progression allows them to achieve their fullest potential. The competitive company is not one-size-fits-all. Each student's experience of the competitive program is unique, with carefully chosen classes and offer letters that reflect each individual's interests, needs, and abilities. Competitive dancers also learn the value of respect, class etiquette, teamwork, as well as many other life lessons through the experience of being on our competitive team.


          Competitive dancers often end up forming strong bonds and friendships because of the amount of time they spend together in various technique classes, and at competition weekends. As we state in our mission statement, "Foundations Dance Company is a dance family. We value the friendships made between dancers and their families, and the special bonds created between students and their teachers, knowing that making memories is just as important as developing their education and artistry."

          To get a better idea of what it means to be a part of the FDC Competitive Company, please check out our Competitive Company Handbook from last season, and our Competitive Company FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

  Competitive Company Handbook 2021:  

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